Administrator’s Remark

The quality of our future depends on our ability to impact our children with the right attibutes to enable us nurture and raise impeccable children who will become tomorrow’s extraordinary leaders.

We strive to develop the four key attributes of pupil-centered value-based education at Cherub, namely:

  1. Every pupil, an engaged learner;
  2. Every teacher, a caring educator;
  3. Every parent, a supportive partner;
  4. Cherub school, a good school.

As many of us are directly involved in the education and nurturing of our young wards, our pupils, your child, out future generation for the 21th century, the way forward for us is to join our hands strongly together to mould them for the future.

Each of us is a special person and only you can fulfill the purpose to which you were born to accomplish. To help our pupils’ creed, ‘I learn, I excel’. We as teachers and parents can do much to help our children to live out their purpose in life well.

There are certainly many forces, in human nature and in the society that can influence the young mind to take the wrong choices in life. But we believe that deep within every young person there is also a desire to lead a flourishing life. It falls to us as parents and teachers to point out and make accessible, the high road of character as the reliable pathway to a flourishing life.

Mrs. E. Arigidi